Secret Lives Princess Margaret 1997 VHSrip  from docufans1

Secret Lives Princess Margaret 1997 VHSrip from docufans1

Year: 2018
Authors: docufans1
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0 seconds 720 for more documentaries go to www.DocumentaryList.NET and donate to support the site--Princess Margaret has had a low royal profile for nearly 20 years. At 66 her life provides few headlines. But recently she stepped back into the spotlight with a stining rebuke to the Duchess of York. In a letter she told her Not once have you hung your head in embarassment. Clearly you have never considered the damage you have caused us all. How dare you discredit us like this? But Margaret had herself already tarnished the royal image. When she returned from Mustique in 1976 she was in disgrace because she had been exposed by the press with a lover 17 years her junior. It was she who was the first member of the house of windsor to divorce. She who was the first to be publicly criticized. Margaret has at times wanted to be the most royal of the royals at others a rebel. Her life has been spent trying to resolve these contradictions. Comments:
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